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Tesla Design Studio


We are all car geeks at heart at Speed Shield with an eye for creating vehicles that stand out and exude style and class with a very “clean” look.

Our creative eye found alignment with the Tesla brand and its clients for many reasons. One clear parallel is that we do not follow the crowd. We like to push the envelope of convention in a classy way with styles that are timeless and respectable.

We want our client’s cars to be setting the trend in a way they can be proud of. Let our design team help you create the ultimate expression of your personality through your CLEAN TESLA.

Tesla Design Studio


Visit our design studio for a personalized session where you can choose from a huge variety of colors and textures to completely change the look of your vehicle.

The Clean Tesla Instagram


The Clean Tesla Instagram


How Can I Make my Tesla Unique?

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The sky is the limit when choosing unique wheels. From polishing, chroming and powder coating your factory wheels to upgrading to any of our high performance aftermarket wheels we believe the foundation of a unique vehicle starts with wheels as the foundation.

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Vinyl Wraps

Express your style with a custom color wrap that’s not only fun and unique but protects your paint from minor abrasions. We have a myriad of color selections available for your inspection at our design studio.

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Carbon Fiber

With our ability to recreate any panel in carbon fiber there is no end to the potential of self expression on your exterior and interior. We can create a stunning look with different weaves, colors and finishes of carbon fiber and we can even create wood-like appearances with eco-friendly flax fibers.

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We can create the ultimate driving experience with luxurious textures and colors so you can express your individuality and feel at home on the road. We use the latest techniques and the finest materials like vegan leather, authentic leather, Alcantara vegan suede, and authentic suede to create your dream interior.

Clean Tesla Design Studio


Let your imagination be your guide as we help you create a one-of-a-kind design for your Tesla so that it stands out from the masses.

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Our Customer Reviews

Clean Tesla is a premier Tesla design studio that specializes in wheel and tire packages, clear bra, window tint, vinyl wraps and quartz coating for all of the Tesla vehicles including the Model S, Model X and Model 3. The quality of our work and attention to detail is what separates us from everyone else in the Tesla customization industry. Please don't take our word for it! Give us a call today and make time to stop by our shop to see the Speed Shield difference. You will be happy you did!

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Connect With Us

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