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Speed Shield is Dallas’ premier vehicle customization and protection studio specializing in wheels and tires, vinyl wraps, window tint, and clear bra. The quality of our craftsmanship, combined with our propensity to use only the best materials available, has set the standard nationwide and earned us the reputation to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.

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Established in 1999.

Speed Shield was started in 1999 when Trey Pappas noticed a need for leading edge protection in the aerospace industry. While installing the first forms of Paint Protection Film on the leading edges of jets Trey noticed a large disparity in the high quality of the aerospace-grade film and the low quality of the film released to the automotive industry. This started him on a quest to find, or help develop, the best films and bring those to the automotive industry. This focus on high quality and honesty has segued into all facets of Speed Shield.

Speed Shield was born from a desire to develop a paint protection product that would be far superior in every way to any other paint protection product on the market. They have searched the world to find the highest quality materials and are confident that with their high standards and strict testing methods, they offer only the best products on the market.

Speed Shield constantly researches new products and offer insight to material manufacturers in a quest to develop the best product to offer to their clients.  They combine high quality products with exceptional attention to detail in all of their projects. Speed Shield knows how important it is to not only cover vehicles with the best materials, but to treat each installation with artistic precision. The pride they have in their work is what really sets them apart from the competition. As the leading paint protection film installer in the Dallas area, we invite you to contact us today. You won’t be disappointed!


Clear Bra, Protective Film, or Clear Wrap Paint Protection Whatever You Call It, You Need It When you buy a car, it has that new car smell and a spotless shine that you spend years after trying to replicate. We haven’t found a product that captures that unique new car...
Clear Bra is a nearly invisible protective coating that is designed to provide the highest level of protection for your vehicles most vulnerable painted surfaces. In fact, rock chips are virtually impossible to avoid and they tend to cause long term issues with the...

As a Texas resident, you know that having window tinting on your vehicle is a must! The benefits of window tinting include: Enhance the beauty of your vehicle An additional level of privacy Reduction of harmful UV rays Interior protection from fading, cracking and...


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In 1999, at age 21, I started Speed Shield. While I was earning my psychology degree at the University of North Texas I worked at the Denton Municipal Airport as a line technician pumping fuel into airplanes as well as studying to get my private pilot license. I was also working as a valet in Dallas on the weekends and I was racing motorcycles in the Central Motorcycle Roadrace Association so motorsports and aircraft have always been a big part of my life. As I was fueling aircraft I noticed a large amount of damage occurring from fuel hoses and normal abrasion on the leading edges of the planes. Leading Edge Tape was a product recently released to the aerospace industry by 3M and I got my hands on some. I started installing the films on any aircraft whose owner was interested and it soon became apparent that this material stopped abrasion and looked very discrete.

3M also had recently released their automotive trades product called Scotch Gard and it looked horrible and also degraded rapidly. The typical “
clear bra” on cars were small precut kits that left a lot unprotected and were quite unsightly. I started installing fully edge wrapped and hand trimmed custom clear bras on clients cars with the high quality aerospace-grade film and word spread quickly about the beautiful results. With the help of some very valuable relationships developed along the way I started to research films and give feedback on how the films could be improved. That began my quest to find and utilize only the highest quality materials.

Over the years we have listened to our client’s needs and done lots of research on other products and services. Speed Shield has grown into offering many high quality aesthetic protective services as well as aesthetic upgrades for our clients. We intend to simply be an encyclopedia of knowledge for the products in our industry and be experts in the installation and application of these products.

We think you’ll agree, we continue to achieve this goal year after year.


Speed Shield is a premier vehicle design studio that specializes in wheel and tire packages, clear bra, window tint, vinyl wraps and quartz coating. The quality of our work is what separates us from everyone else in the industry. Dont take our word for it! Read the reviews below from our customers:



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