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Our hand trimmed, custom installed clear bras raise the bar of quality by delivering seamless coverage that wraps around the back side of most panels to create an edgeless look. We believe our finished product not only looks better but, offers the ultimate protection for your vehicle. Simply put you can not attain Speed Shield quality when using a pre-cut clear bra kit.
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We have earned our reputation for meticulous quality because we take the time and care to do the job right. We have 16 years of experience installing custom clear bras so we know how to deliver your vehicle on time with no surprises. Our focus has always been on exceeding your expectations so that your vehicle will continue to have that show room shine for years to come!
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We lead the industry in innovative coatings and installation techniques because we feel that, to be the best, you have to keep learning. We constantly test films and coatings to make sure we are offering the best quality materials and we continually practice and challenge our skills with new and exciting projects. Manufacturers look to Speed Shield for our experience and feedback to help them improve their products.
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Paint protection film offers superior protection to keep your vehicle’s paint looking great for many years.
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Shine Products are specifically formulated detail products for cars with or without paint protection film installed.
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Protect nearly every type of substrate, from paint, to plastic, leather, vinyl, fabric or glass with our high tech nano coating.
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Speed Shield has a wide selection of advanced window tint for superior heat rejection and UV protection.
Auto Detail
Auto Detailing Service
Speed Shield’s trained technicians restore your vehicle’s condition to better than new.
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Tinting your windshield will reduce damage caused by UV rays and has excellent heat rejection.
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Transform your vehicle from mild to wild with a variety of colors, materials and textures!
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Speed Shield has the hottest custom wheel packages in a variety of brands and sizes to fit virtually any vehicle.
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